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ControlCAL.ini Setting Descriptions

Default Settings (Note: ControlCAL will default most values if the ControlCAL.ini file is missing or improper values are entered):


Line1="calibrated 3/12/2008"
Line2="by your custom name"
Line3="your custom text"
Forced_Wait_For=[-1, 0-2000]
If this is Set between 0ms to 2000ms, ControlCAL will always use this value for the Wait_For Communication Setting instead of the one entered and saved with the Display Profile (helpful if the Display Profile is Locked). This is the time (in ms) between commands sent to the Display. Set to -1 to use the Wait_For value entered and saved with the Display Profile.

Startup_Load=Path/Display Profile
If you want to load a specific Display Profile each time ControlCAL is started, enter the Display Profile's Full Path and File Name within quotes.

How long the AutoSend Window is open/closed for sending commands when Auto Send is enabled (in ms). The Default [15] will allow commands to be sent approximately once per second. Use a smaller number to allow more steps to be sent per second, larger for less steps. Setting this to 60 would allow commands to be sent approximately once every two seconds.

Requires a Professional Plus Activation Key. The Line1-3 Options allows you to customize the first 3 lines of the text string saved to a Pioneer Display during ISFccc Calibration. Each line can be a maximum of 24 characters. The 4th Line will be saved as " " (though you may Contact Us for options to remove this branding). Enclose your text within Quotes and use Spaces to center each line as needed. Valid ASCII Character Codes: Decimal 32 to Decimal 126 (HEX: 20 to 7E) - i.e. abcd ABCD !"#$ {|}~.

More information concerning these Settings can be found HERE.
Wolfy tested various Settings and reporting his results HERE.

Make sure ControlCAL.ini is in the same directory as ControlCAL's .EXE.
If you make any changes while ControlCAL is running, you need to restart ControlCAL.

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