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Development Changelog:

v1.41 RC1:
Build 20 - 07/29/2008
+First Release Candidate - No New Features/Options will be added in v1.41.
+Full Activation System is now Enabled.
+Option in the Pioneer C3 Mode to customize 3 of 4 text lines saved to the ISFccc Interface (Professional Plus Activation Key required).

v1.41 Beta:
Build 19 - 06/20/2008
+Beta 3 Released - First Public Beta Version for 1.41.
+EDIT Mode now Enabled. Create, Save and Share your own ControlCAL Display Profiles.

Build 18 - 05/23/2008
+Enabled Number Format #1 for REFRESH (mainly for Mitsubishi HC Series).

Build 17 - 05/20/2008
+Changed/fixed(?) ISF C3 Inputs Tuner A - Tuner F.

Build 16 - 05/18/2008
+Removed check for "No Communications" during C3 INPUT Change/SET.
+Added Reset C3 Input Combobox after Calibration Mode successfully Closed (END CALIBRATION).
+Added additional time (based on Profile's Wait_For) to enable OSD when Calibration Mode is Closed (END CALIBRATION).
+Changed END CALIBRATION status text from "ISF MODE CLOSING" to "C3 MODE CLOSING".
+Changed/fixed Home [Media] Gallery Input Code.
+Fixed C3 Input Combobox not Resetting to blank on Invalid Input Set (when blank to begin with).

Build 15 - 05/14/2008
+Fixed Saving and Restoring Extras Window Position.
+Fixed Tuner and Home [Media] Gallery Input Selections.
+Fixed 9G support for North American Models (Region).
+Added 9G support for Japanese Models (Region).
+Fixed close COM port on exit (if open) - Left Disabled in Last Build.
+Auto enable OSD (On) when Ending C3 Calibration Mode (END CALIBRATION).
+Changed "ISF" Text to "Pioneer C3" in START/END CALIBRATION Success/No Success Dialogs.
+Additional Error Checking on C3 INPUT Control (when SET Button Pressed).
+Added Zoom Control to C3 Profile P2.
+Code rewritten in C3 START CALIBRATION and INPUT functions.
+Additional Undisclosed C3 Options.
+Additional Minor Bug fixes.

Build 14 - 04/28/2008
+Last two Profiles Loaded will be available in the File Menu for Quick Load.
+Added Option to Load a specific Profile on Startup (new ControlCAL.ini option - [Profile] Startup_Load=).
+Added Confirmation Dialog for ISF RESET CURRENT Button.
+'Polling Display, Please Wait...' now displayed when Refreshing Gamma Only.
+Each Control's Label should no longer flash sporadically*.
+Several functions re-written*.
+Minor Bug fixed in Control #6 Slider Position (COLOR MANAGMENT G in ISF C3 P1).
+Changed Keys used in the Menus for some Commands/Options.
*ControlCAL Process' CPU USAGE reduced by 50%.

Build 12 - 04/20/2008
+Auto Send option - Control's Value is automatically sent when its Slider is moved without the need to Press the Control's SEND Button.
+Disable Error Dialogs option - Some Error Dialogs can now be disabled.
+ControlCAL.ini config file - Allows you to tune ControlCAL's performance.
+Additional Settings are saved on exit (Auto Send, Auto Add CR, Confirm Send, Error Dialogs and HEX Input).
-Removed Keyboard Key Toggles (F5, F7 and F8).
+Some Code optimized or re-written to save memory and improve performance.

Build 11 - 04/17/2008
+All Pioneer Display Regions now Supported (North America, Europe, Australia, China and General Regions).
+Changed the labels for the two Buttons to Enter/Exit Calibration (START CALIBRATION and END CALIBRATION).

v1.4 RC1 - 03/05/2008
+NEW ControlCAL Display Profile File Format (.cdp extension).
+Create/Edit/View/Save ControlCAL Display Profiles Option.
+Load Display Profiles created by others.
+You can now toggle between ASCII and HEX Input Modes in the ControlCAL Terminal Window (Advance Mode).
+Internal Serial Command Format Support for many Manufacturers including BenQ, Epson, JVC, Panasonic, Pioneer, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Sony (including Sony Checksum), Sharp and more....
+Internal Support for Mitsubishi HC Series Projectors - Profile can be used as a starting point for Creating a Profile for your Display.
+Many Internal Code Changes...
+More info Coming Soon......
*v1.4 RC1 is a Time Limited Version and will expire on May 31, 2008.

v1.3 - 02/07/2008
+Name Changed to ControlCAL.
+MS Vista Now Supported.
+Several Internal Code Optimizations.
+Fixed Xon/Xoff Flow Control Bug.
+Added 'Donate' Menu Option (Donate via PayPal for ControlCAL's Development).

v1.2 - 01/27/2008
+Added Internal PQ Calibration Control Support for Mitsubishi Projectors (tested on HC3000, HC4900*).
+Added Serial Communication Error Handling
+Several Internal Code Changes.
*HC1500, HC5000 and HC6000 should work as well (and other Mitsubishi Models or Displays that support their Serial Codes).

v1.1 - 01/23/2008
+Added ability to change Port and Parameters.
+Terminal Window is now optional (Advance Mode).
+Polished up the interface.
+Interface ready for Projector specific Control/Calibration Page.

v1.0 - 01/14/2008
Original Release.

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