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Pictures of Pure, isf Night and isf Day (all Calibrated by Eliab):

Originally Posted by tbird8450
I had Eliab of Avical over earlier today to calibrate my PRO-111FD. I had him out before to calibrate my Samsung DLP, and I couldn't wait for him to arrive and go to work on the Kuro.

Pre-calibration the display was easily the best looking I've ever seen at factory settings. However, the picture was definitely too warm and too green. While D-Nice's settings certainly helped, I felt that I was still missing the accuracy and, to a certain extent, the sort of natural richness of the calibrated DLP.

Enter Eliab. He set things up as follows:

Pure mode for very dim to pitch-black conditions
ISF Night for moderate lighting
ISF Day for extreme lighting
Movie mode for B&W materal

The results are absolutely outstanding. I've now acheived the accuracy and richness that had been missing before. Combined with the amazing contrast ratio, level of detail and depth of the Kuro, I can scarcely imagine a better picture at this size.

I also find that each mode works as advertised. In low light to lights-out conditions, Pure mode performs best.

Once the lights go on, ISF Night more than makes up for the difference. It provides that extra pop that cuts through the brighter environment. I also find that I prefer it for gaming.

ISF Day came out at over 45ftL even with Powersave Mode 2 engaged, and I actually feel that it's almost too bright, even with all of the lights turned on. I imagine I'll use it only rarely for especially sunny days.

Anyway, I've been trying to run through my favorite movie scenes, but it's slow going. I'm having a difficult time tearing myself away from how good everything looks, so moving on to the next scene isn't easy.

All in all, as great as the display is out of the box and with minor tweaks, a pro-calibration takes it to another level. It almost feels like a light veil was lifted off of the screen and I'm now seeing everything with crystal clear, accurate clarity. If you're on the fence about getting it done yourself, don't be. Do it!
Originally Posted by tbird8450
Ok, I went back and took some better pictures. I adjusted the camera settings some and I feel that the brightness level on these is more accurate to real life (especially Pure mode), however the image quality of course is no where near what it is in person. I also took these from a tripod so they're a bit less blurry overall.

These were taken with 8 lights turned on in the room and 3 windows open with the sun shining in.

Pure Mode (all lights on, windows open):

ISF Night (all lights on, windows open):

ISF Day (all lights on, windows open):

Originally Posted by tbird8450
I do feel that this 2nd set of pictures is a pretty good representation of the variation in brightness between the 3 modes, even though Pure doesn't look quite so flat, nor does ISF Day look quite so overblown. And I think the variation in the Elite logo has at least in part to do with the reflection off of the center channel. More light = brighter reflection. That'll be addressed soon, though.

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