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Originally Posted by NYC Guy
I also recommend doing a calibration. On Wednesday afternoon I had the pleasure of having Gregg Loewen visit my apartment. He worked on my all Pioneer Elite setup which has a Kuro 111FD, a 05FD BD player and a 01THX AV receiver. Gregg calibrated my Kuro 111FD for Pure, ISF Day and ISF Night modes. He also did a 5400K Movie mode for me to view old black & white movies (my request). I have a funny feeling that I will be leaving the Kuro on the ISF Night mode the majority of the time.

All I can say is what a difference his calibration made. I thought that the Pure mode settings that I had been using based on D-Nice's settings were extremely good, but once I viewed the ISF modes that Gregg calibrated on my Kuro I am now hooked on recommending a professional calibration to all of my friends. This definitely makes a big difference on the Kuros.
All I can say is OMG!!!
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Originally Posted by rodaurora
Gregg calibrated for Pure and ISF DAY and Night. While the new Pure is nice, it does not compare with either of the ISF modes.


What those modes give me are much brighter images while retaining all of the contrast and POP of the "vivid" modes, but enhancing black levels and especially shadow detail to provide a more natural image and facial quality. Frankly, I'm suprised how much better the ISF modes are than anything I was using before. All you who raved about the differences in the calibrated images were/are correct.

I find that I use ISF DAY the most, since even at night, I usually have a reading lamp on ("multitask") for causal magazine flipping, etc while watching HDTV. In any case, there's always a little ambient light, so the room is never pitch black. In a dark room ISF Day provides a too "glarey" (sp.) image. When I watch a BD at night, getting the room as dark as possible, then I use ISF Night - it's a revelation. With either ISF mode, I don't have to fiddle with any other settings (since they're locked, anyway). That's a pleasure in itself.


Regards, Rod
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