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DVDO's AVLab TPG 4K Reference Pattern Generator has added a new and very useful feature that is called 'Color Checker'. Using that feature it can display digital value for selected pixel from it's HDMI Input.

Here is an example, the 8dr means "8 bit, decimal, RGB" then the values are the RGB values of the pixel that the cursor is pointing to.

Pressing the left/right TPG buttons changes decimal to hex. It will read RGB/YC, 8/10/12 bit values.
"Cursor" is moveable around the screen using DVDO's remote.

A professional calibrator from using Ted's LightSpace CMS Calibration Disk has tested yesterday the accuracy of the encoded chapters of the disk using that AVLab TPG's color checker function.

He measured 100% Saturation and 100% Luminance RGBCMY Patterns, Color Checker patterns and Near-Black Patterns of the CalMAN section of the disk.

He found that the Ted's LightSpace CMS Calibration Disk has been encoded properly and every single bit is on it's reference position.

Below you can find his results:

This means that Ted's LightSpace CMS Calibration Disk can be used from DVDO's AVLab TPG 4K Reference Pattern Generator users as a reference and now they can able to check any Blu-Ray Player / Media Player Output accuracy and detect digital errors that wrong player settings can introduce.

Mede8er MED800x3D and eGreat R6S Media Players used as a source for that test. Both made no digital errors on HDMI output.

Here is the link of the full review and procedure details that the professional calibrator from Poland has used for this test.
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