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CalMAN Color Comparator Comparisons 1.0.1 Workflow for Ted's Lightspace CMS Calibration Disk Users had been released.

I have just send to all Ted's LightSpace CMS Calibration Disk users a new version of CalMAN 5 Color Comparator Comparisons Workflow.


Fixed a scaling problem of Pre-Calibration Comparator dE numbers datagrid of Grayscale & ColorChecker SG Skintones Comparator Comparisons layout pages where the dE numbers where not displayed correctly only in case where the display performance has dE numbers above 9.99dE.

The contrast ratio data field is now wider to be able to display without problems large contrast ratio numbers.


The Color Comparator Comparisons Workflow has created to be used mainly for field calibrators/DIYer's to showcase their pre/post calibration results to customers/people with limited calibration experience.

Pre/Post-Calibration dE numbers & CIE Charts are not 'customer friendly' and it's difficult from them to to understand what is really happening by looking at them.

Color Comparator Pre-Post Calibration Comparisons color screens it's a great tool for easier visual notice of the differences using the 8-bit RGB Triplet color differences.

Example of Use

Bellow you can find some pre-post calibration screenshots by using Color Comparator Workflow in action.

The display used for that example was a Samsung 60H7000 using the available internal display controls.

All the required patterns for pre-calibration - post evaluation and measurements came from Ted's LightSpace CMS Calibration Disk.

All the measurement patterns were generated from the disk, using CalMAN's Automated Measurement Utility 1.3. which automatically displays (per 2 seconds) and measures each color patch without user prompt. I used a Klein K-10A profiled from JETI 1211.

I used 75% Saturation with 100% Stimulus patterns for CMS calibration.

Pre-Calibration Reports shows performance of Samsung 60H7000 @ Natural mode, since it has the only mode that was used from the user of this display since now.

Post-Calibration report shows the performance of ISF-Night calibrated memory.

11-Point GrayScale (Pre-Calibration)

11-Point GrayScale (Post-Calibration)

4-Step Saturation (Pre-Calibration)

4-Step Saturation (Post-Calibration)

ColorChecker Classic (Pre-Calibration)

ColorChecker Classic (Post-Calibration)

ColorChecker SG Fleshtones (Pre-Calibration)

ColorChecker SG Fleshtones (Post-Calibration)

...and now the Color Comparator Comparisons Screens dE patch color differences are visible or not using CalMAN's Comparator feature:

11-Point Grayscale Color Comparator Comparison of Pre/Post Calibration

4-Step Saturation Color Comparator Comparison of Pre/Post Calibration

ColorChecker Classic Color Comparator Comparison of Pre/Post Calibration

ColorChecker SG Fleshtones Color Comparator Comparison of Pre/Post Calibration

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