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Tip For CalMAN 5 Users

For the users that are using the Ted's CalMAN 5 Workflows, as you probably have seen, there is not available at any layout page the ReadAll button, since all workflow have been configured to work with Singe Read with AutoAdvance.

For the users that can use the CalMAN Workflow Design feature, there is no need to enter to design mode to add manually a ReadAll button, they can use the CalMAN's Keyboard Shortcut for that.

Before that, the users have to enable the Keyboard Shortcuts feature from CalMAN's Application Preferences and after than they can simply press F10 key which is the keyboard shortcut key for ReadAll at any CalMAN layout page.

This is helpful for users that are using Ted's CalMAN Workflows with External Hardware Pattern Generators or with CalMAN's Internal Pattern Generator.
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