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Default ControlCAL's Panasonic VT30 ISFccc / C3 Display Profile(s) Discussion

This thread is specifically for discussing ControlCAL's Panasonic VT30 ISFccc (C3) Display Profile(s).

ISFccc Software / ISF Software

NEW: Please see the ControlCAL G/VT30 Edition v2

Display Regions Supported: More info soon
Models Supported: More info soon
Current VT30 ISFccc Profile Version: v0.01 (Requires ControlCAL v1.51)

CONTACT US first if you are interested in the VT30 Display Profile Set!

This is a Premium Display Profile and requires a Registered, Professional or Professional Plus Activation Key.

Here are some (not all) of the Controls available:
[Layouts subject to change]

CMS: Primary Layout

CMS: Alternate Layout

ISF and ISFccc (Imaging Science Foundation Certified Calibration Controls) are trademarks of Imaging Science Foundation.

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