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Default Updated with V2.1 FW . . .

I've spent a lot of time w/ this panel and it's a bugger! The colors are very difficult to control and with different (OTA, Satellite source1 and source2), the delivered picture appears with the different sources appears as different as night and day.

The green cast requires either more Red and Blue drv to balance it out or G-drv reduction. It appears that I can't get any more "red" since it is at the top (FF) so reduction is in order.

V2.1 firmware is a "Color Balance" fix since the fact that Panny designed/released this shows that there's a problem w/ some VTs and GTs. Otherwise why would it exist??

I loaded it today and the panel video is improved! So much so that only small W/B corrections are necessary. It appears that red and blue drive has been "balanced" but there's still a green cast to HD video. However, th panel appears more stable than before V2.1.

So the CUSTOM and THX posts above have been changed to reflect the addition of V2.1 Color FW update. Note D-nice SM W/B changes are not needed with this update.

All of the above comments were due to a failing SC and SD boards. It took almost 1 year for this to finally fail causing the 7 blinks failure mode. After the boards were replaced, the varying color problem went away.

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