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OK, I uploaded a new Profile for the HC3000 and this Thread will be dedicated to the HC3000 (and maybe the HC1500).

Please try: Mitsubishi HC3000 Projectors - (in Post #1 above).

I've added additional Controls for the HC3000 and had to make some minor changes to the Gamma Controls. The COLOR and TINT Controls are unchanged from the Generic HC Series Profile and should work.

Make sure you also download the RS232 Code Documentation for the HC3000 too (also in Post #1) since you should use it for the Control Value Translations (until I or someone else types and posts them).

There are still 6 unused Buttons so if you want any changes to the layout or want to add Controls to these unused Buttons, let me know (eventually, you will be able to do it yourself when the EDIT option is enabled in ControlCAL).


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