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Default LightSpace CMS Now Supports Lumagen + eeColor 3D-LUT 4 All

In the Film Industry, Hollywood Studios are using 3D LUT Systems to color-grading - mastering of Blu-Ray Movies we are enjoying at home.

All These Years there were 3 color management software at professional range - THX CineSpace, Light Illusion LightSpace CMS & FilmLight TrueLight Color, (CalMAN Studio is a newcomer came out this year), that can create Accurate 3D LUT Tables for displays/projectors but the cost of software+hardware was so high for consumer to install that type of systems at home.

I have used evaluation versions of THX CineSpace & LightSpace CMS and here is my small review about these products:

THX CineSpace is working with CineTal’s DAVIO (~5.000$) or other expensive professional LUT holder devices, they are supporting X-Rite iDisplay PRO / i1PRO (no i1PRO2 yet) / Hubble, Photo Research, Minolta but no any JETI Spectro yet. The problem is that they don’t support profiling a colorimeter from a Spectro. You can access saved colorimeter meter correction profiles from Hubble or Klein only, i1Display PRO can’t be profiled, there no plans currently to support spectro profiling since it’s targeting professional range of meters.

FilmLight TrueLight Color is working with their own system and measuring device, no support for other hardware LUT holder devices or other color analysers.

LightIllusion LightSpace CMS is supporting DAVIO, Pandora Pluto, Tcube Fig (~4.000$) and with the latest version of the software you can use as a LUT Holder the Lumagen Radiance or Entertainment Experience eeColor. It has internal profile creating support from Any Spectro to any Colorimeter like i1Display PRO, i1PRO2, JETI, Klein K-10A etc. Lumagen can be used for storing 21-Step 1D LUT (RGB) for GreyScale with a 5 Point Cube (125 Colors) but with different approach from CalMAN or ChromaPure we are currently using. Professional Approach that is used from THX CineSpace, LightI llusion LightSpace CMS & FilmLight TrueLight is to measusure the display first with up to 17 Point Cube (4913 Colors) to see how the display performs and then to create a Correction LUT Table according to the selected targets, REC709 etc. This is the way all studios are mastering the Blu-Ray content and reproducing this method at home display/projector will get you even closer for viewing the movies ‘’as the director intended’’. LightSpace CMS has a Quick Profiling capability that cuts profiling to just a few minutes for displays with good RGB Separation.

Profiling with a 5 point Cube is not large enough for critical color-accurate calibrations (10 point Cube is really the minimum required). LightSpace CMS uses 17 point Cube (4913 Colors) Measurements and then using a high-level color maths engine it creates a more accurate 5-Point LUT. The key to this is that Lumagen is using that 21-Point Grayscale among with their 5-Point Cube.

The big deal is that Steve Shaw from LightSpace CMS closed a special deal with eeColor Company to offer eeColor Hardware for only 600$, this is truly amazing for HT consumers that can now have calibrated their displays with up to 65-Point Cube (274625 Colors) with a low cost 3D LUT hardware box that has previously retailed for a lot more.

I believe that Professional Calibrators with Reference Instruments and Knowledge will have to start using LightSpace CMS to their customers for truly reference monitor/projector profiling using eeColor or Lumagen.

I Know there is also a special promotional offer for LightSpace New Customers that is running right now.

Steve Shaw during advance testing of integration process discovered some issues with the eeColor & Lumagen Hardware at their then current versions. They have now been fixed with a firmware update. Supprising these issue were not spotted by other calibration systems.

BTW I’m part of Alpha-Beta Testing of Intergration of Lumagen to LightSpace CMS.
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