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Default CalMAN, ColorMunki and a PRO-141FD Calibration

As I posted in the AVS Forums, I've taken a stab at my first calibration, using a ColorMunki, CalMAN, ControlCal and my former-floor model Pro-141FD. I ran into some early problems with my gamma/luminance readings, but tried the APL Window patterns from the AVSHD Disc and had much more consistent results. I am still, however, not sure how best to use the 9-point gamma settings and the limited Kuro CMS has left me with some serious questions about my color gamut. If I may implore the forum, I could really use some help with several steps in my process.

Source: PS3, YCrBr to "Auto" and Superwhite On, playing the AVSHD Rec. 709 disc burned from the "patched" file.

1) Contrast/Brightness Step:
When using the contrast pattern, I see almost no differentiation from what flashes and what doesn't when using a contrast setting between 25-40. It all looks the same to me, more or less. CalMAN only lists instructions for its own pattern generator, so I'd love to hear some advice on how best to settle my contrast setting for Day/Night readings.

Brightness goes a lot smoother, as there is a clear difference on each step above 0, but I'm finding I need to use a setting of 2-4 for daytime/bright room viewing in order to see the 17 line flash. Thoughts?

2) Greyscale
Just to be absolutely certain, the 141's high/low RGB settings are centered on what IRE levels, 20% and 80%? When using the bullseye measurement to set an ideal 100/100/100 reading on these IREs, I find it impossible to get the 10% IRE level to get very close to ideal. Is this acceptable and/or within the expected error of a Spectro? How do you guys address the mid IREs, 40-60? I find them very hard to nail down without adversely affecting the high/low areas.

3) CMS
Here's where things start to go pear-shaped for me. As most of you know, the Kuro offers limited RGBCMY control. Fortunately my color measurements all fall below a dE of 3 (with 1994 calculations). But my dL, dC and dH measurements are all over the place. I can move several colors to extremely low dEs, but only with settings in excess of the recommended +/- 2. Should I push for lower dE values or leave them be once I get below 3? should I focus on lower dL, dC or dH readings? I have very high dCs, and high dHs for my primaries. And I'm not sure I love my flesh tones with these settings as is.

Overall, what is the general advice for CMS adjustments, and the specific ones for this panel?

4) Gamma/Luminance
As you can see from my reports, I have an imperfect gamma line, with a low reading in the low and high ends. My luminance curve also reads above the line (so too low, correct?). Should I be using the Kuro's 9-point gamma settings to work on this gamma line issue? Do I have to move all the colors the same amount or can they be used independently? How do these gamma adjustments affect greyscale and should they be used at all for tweaking the greyscale? How critical is the luminance curve?

Also, ControlCal offers no way to change the Gamma setting number (it seems to default to 3 when using the ISF modes). Is this correct and if not, is there a solution?

5) Color
Via the workflow, I assume this means the color/tint settings, adjusted via the color bars patterns. Are there any tips/restrictions I should work with here? Don't move the tint if possible, for example, or constrain color adjustments to +/- 5? How do these settings affect the rest of my measurements?

Obviously a lot of this is panel-specific, but I think there is some value in addressing the greater questions. I know this is going to take a lot of trial & error, but I think my display is falling somewhere outside the normal operating range of these panels. Its life as a floor-model may have left it with some uneven or improper phospher aging. I would just love to find the best route possible to get this beautiful TV to look its best.


My Final Settings:

AV Selection: ISF-Day
Contrast : 32
Brightness : 4
Color : 7
Tint : 0
Sharpness : -15
Color Temp : Manual
Red High : 4
Green High : -2
Blue High : 8
Red Low : 2
Green Low : 2
Blue Low : 3
Gamma : 3 (ISF 9 Point Gamma in use)
ISF Gamma 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Red : 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Green : 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Blue : 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Pure Cinema
Film Mode : Standard
Text Optimization: Off

Intelligent Mode: Off

Picture Detail
DRE Picture : Off
Black Level : Off
ACL : Off
Enhancer Mode: Hard

Color Detail
CTI: Off
Color Management
R (RED) : -2
Y (YELLOW) : 1
G (GREEN) : -2
C (CYAN) : -1
B (BLUE) : 0
Color Space : 2

Noise Reduction
3DNR : Off
Field NR : Off
Block NR : Off
Mosquito NR: Off

3DYC : Middle
IP Mode : 2 (Standard)
Drive Mode : 1 (75Hz)
Game Control : Off
Blue Only Mode: Off

Power & Options
Energy Save Mode : Standard
Room Light Sensor: Off
Attached Files
File Type: pdf NAbelman Cal Report 1.pdf (121.1 KB, 43 views)
File Type: pdf NAbelman Cal Report 2.pdf (118.9 KB, 32 views)
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Images of my CalMAN reports:

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Originally Posted by Noah View Post
Also, ControlCal offers no way to change the Gamma setting number (it seems to default to 3 when using the ISF modes). Is this correct and if not, is there a solution?

In ISFccc, you have access to the full 9 Point Gamma Controls (for all 3 Channels, R G B), not the Gamma Presets. The 9 Point Gamma Controls are located on the Profile Extras Window.
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