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Default ControlCAL v1.x - v1.50 is Now Available!

ControlCAL v1.50
Designed by Calibrators for Calibrators™
Display Control and Calibration Made Easy!™
No need to fumble through the Display's Menu with its Remote Control™

ISFccc Software / ISF Software

ANNOUNCEMENT (3/1/2011): ControlCAL v1.50 Available!

ControlCAL is an Control and Calibration Application for Video Displays supporting a Serial/RS232 interface. ControlCAL will allow you to send any available commands to any Display that allows RS232 control (in 'Advance' Mode). You may need the document that shows the RS232 codes for your specific Display model.

Using ControlCAL's One Page Calibration Screen will allow you easy access to your Display's Calibration Controls... No need to fumble through the Display's Menu with its Remote Control.

ControlCal is a very well designed tool that will allow one to attain maximum performance from these displays. I myself own the software and will be making this option available to my Pio-9G clients.

Originally Posted by Ken Ross
the ControlCal software surely unlocks more of the beast contained within these displays
Originally Posted by Vonbek777
Just a quick update, I have been really busy lately and haven't been able to post. I have a 151 and while I have been happy with my purchase I wished I had a little more punch for sports and was never totally happy with the various settings I tried. Well after researching ControlCAL, and making sure I was comfortable with the process, I took the dive and purchased the software and the Keyspan USB/Serial adapter. My wife and I activated the ISF modes on Christmas Eve, and the difference is amazing. ISF night with DNice's settings is simply the best I have seen a blu-ray look. ISF day makes football look glorious. This is what I wanted out of my 151, and now I have it. I urge all of you guys on the fence to take a chance, ISF night and day modes make this tv shine. Thanks Turbe and DNice for all your hard work, watching Ole Miss and Utah win last night with these new was better than being there.
Originally Posted by petmic10
I finally had the opportunity to use ControlCal and I wanted to
say how easy it was to use.

I have to admit I was a little nervous before trying because I
am not very computer savy but I followed the excellent instructions
and input ISF night and ISF day settings rather easily.

Originally Posted by pj121391
After Break in and setting D-Nice's settings with ControlCal, Blu-ray is truly AWESOME what a great 3D Dimension the Picture has now, not that is was bad out-of-the-box. But now it is Breathtaking
More ControlCAL Reviews & Testimonials

With ControlCAL's Open/Universal Design, Display Profiles (CDP File Format) can be quickly created for many Manufacturers and Displays. We have a few Premium Display Profiles available now:

Panasonic VT25 ISFccc Display Profile Set* [For VT25 Support, Contact Us]
Pioneer 7G ISFccc TV Only Display Profile Set*
Pioneer 8G ISFccc Display Profile Set*
Pioneer 9G ISFccc Regions1 Display Profile Set*
Pioneer 9G ISFccc Regions2 Display Profile Set*
Pioneer 9G ISFccc Elite Monitor Display Profile Set* [add-on only]
Pioneer 9G ISFccc EURO KRP-M Monitor Display Profile Set* [add-on only]
Pioneer 9G Monitor Standard AV Selections Display Profile Set*
Mitsubishi HC3000/HC1500 Display Profile Set
Mitsubishi HC4900 Display Profile Set - Built-in Display Profile
More will be available soon.

Click Here for the Display Profiles Discussion Threads.

*Requires a ControlCAL Registered or greater Activation Key.

With Third party Calibration Applications that control Colorimeters and/or Spectroradiometers and support ControlCAL's API (under development), the entire Display Calibration Process can be automated.

Suggestions and Feedback Welcome!

MS Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 Supported. The .NET Framework is not required but DirectX is. Video Card with 32MB, Sound Card, 512MB RAM minimum and Mouse/Touchpad required! NOTE: Windows 8.1 users may need an alternate ControlCAL v1.5 installation package - Contact Us for download information:

NOTE: Windows 8/Windows 10 will need the Directplay feature enabled. During ControlCAL Installation/first time ran, Windows 10 should ask you if you want to enable the Directplay feature. If not, you can manually enable it (if you use Avast, you may need to temporarily disable it to enable Directplay).

To manually enable Directplay in Windows 10:

  • Right click Start
  • Click Programs and Features (or in the Windows 10 Search box, type: Programs and Features)
  • Click Turn Windows features on or off
  • Make sure there is a check in Legacy Components
  • Click the + to expand
  • Check the box for DirectPlay

Have a Mac? See Here.

Help with the options in Edit/Create mode will be in Posts #2-#3 in this thread....

PIONEER ISFccc Display Profiles for 8G, 9G Elites TV's and 9G Elite Monitors? Click Here!

*** ---> TIP: If your PC does not have an open Serial/RS232 Port (or non at all), ControlCAL does support the Keyspan USB to Serial Adaptor and the ControlCAL USB Serial Adapter available bundled with ControlCAL.

PROFESSIONAL? Using ControlCAL for Non Personal Use? You are required to have a Professional Activation Key (or Professional Plus).


NOTE: For Existing Installations, backup your ControlCAL.ini file if you have customized it. Remove/Delete your previous ControlCAL Installations first.

Host A:
NEW 3/1/2011 ----> Download ControlCAL_v1.50_Install/Setup/Upgrade Application

Host B:
NEW 3/1/2011 ----> Download ControlCAL_v1.50_Install/Setup/Upgrade Application

NEW 9/14/2009 ----> ControlCAL User's Guide (Right Click and select "SAVE AS") - Special Thanks to progprog for the countless hours working on this (and accepting my endless change requests).

ControlCAL End User License Agreement (EULA) - CLICK HERE

  • The Registered Activation Key is valid only for personal use by Non-Professionals on your own display.
  • If you are a Professional in the Video, Audio, Broadcast, Film and/or Home Theater Industry or you want to use ControlCAL on Multiple Display Models, you are required to have a Professional Activation Key regardless if you are using ControlCAL on your own display.
  • ControlCAL's Activation Keys are not transferable. ControlCAL is Licensed to a specific User.
Examples of uses that require a Professional license:
  • Professional video calibration service — You charge a client money for calibrating a display.
  • Multiple Displays including those not owned by you — You want to use ControlCAL on multiple Displays including friends and family owned displays.
  • Industry Insider/Professional — You are in the Video, Audio, Broadcast, Film and/or Home Theater Industry.
  • Commercial Enterprise — You are a corporate entity rather than an individual. You use ControlCAL in the course of your business.

v1.41 Beta 2 Screen Shots | ControlCAL's Complete Changelog

Released Versions:

Build 34 - 03/01/2011
+Additional Display Profiles installed Automatically.
+Display Profiles now located in the "Display Profile" folder under ControlCAL's installation folder.
+Additional Manufacturer Formats supported.

Build 26 - 06/20/2009
+ControlCAL v1.45 Released!

Build 24 - 01/25/2009
+ControlCAL v1.41 (FINAL) Released!

Build 23 - 11/20/2008
+Changed Code Support for KRP-500M/KRP-600M, All Regions (North American KRP Monitors not supported).
+Changed Code Support for KRP-500A/KRP-600A, All European Models.
+Fixed Evaluation Activation functions.

Build 22 - 09/30/2008
+Added Support for new 9G Pioneer Kuro Monitor Command Format.
+ISFccc Input Function changed with option to Force Input Change in ControlCAL if an Error Code is received from the Display.
+Now clearing Serial Read Buffer when entering the ISFccc Interface, ISFccc Input change, REFRESH ALL and Gamma Only REFRESH.

Build 21 - 09/21/2008
+Minor Activation code changes.
+Minor ISFccc Interface code changes.

Build 20 - 07/29/2008
+First Release Candidate - No New Features/Options will be added in v1.41.
+Full Activation System is now Enabled.
+Option in the Pioneer C3 Mode to customize 3 of 4 text lines saved to the ISFccc Interface (Professional Plus Activation Key required).

Here are a few screen shots (not updated for v1.41):

v1.4 Display Profile Edit/View Option:

"One Page Calibration Screen" for Mitsubishi Projectors (HC1500/HC3000/HC4900/HC5000/HC6000):

ControlCAL Terminal Window (Advance Mode):
Advance Mode Port Monitoring and Send Confirmation not available in Locked Display Profiles.

ISF and ISFccc are trademarks of Imaging Science Foundation.

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