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Default ControlCAL G/VT30 Edition v2 - 30/50/60 Series (ie VT30, VT50, VT60 / ZT60) Supported

ControlCAL G/VT30 Edition v2
Designed by Calibrators for Calibrators™
Display Control and Calibration Made Easy!™
No need to fumble through the Display's Menu with its Remote Control™

"The implementation is excellent from ControlCal." - Kevin Miller (ISF Technical Consultant & ISF Co-instructor, TweakTV Co-Founder)
"Controlcal was flawless" - Charles Cooper - Cinetune
"ControlCAL is the only way to fly!" - Bill Hergonson - Coast Calibration
"I find ControlCal indispensable" - Chad Billheimer - ISF and THX Touring Calibrator

More User Comments in Post #4 below:

Originally Posted by Influence View Post
I don't know how I ever calibrated a display without ContolCAL. It has cut my calibration time by at least 50%.

Tyler Stripko
Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity
Originally Posted by lhoy12 View Post
PANASONIC TC-P60VT60 - all I can say is WOW, this program is awesome! The only thing better than ControlCal is Turbe's customer support.
Originally Posted by LarryInRI
Posted HERE
ControlCAL is necessary for calibrating a VT60. I highly value my sanity.
Originally Posted by Sammie2980 View Post
PANASONIC TC-P65ZT60 - ControlCal is a huge benefit and makes a world of difference
Originally Posted by Gregg Loewen (THX Video Instructor and Touring Calibrator) View Post
PANASONIC TC-P65ZT60- ControlCal allows you to NOT fumble around with the remote and to access all the needed controls via the laptop interface. This saves a lot of time!!!
Originally Posted by Barry VanDenBerg @ Orlando Digital TV
I have been calibrating professionally for 10 years and the ControlCAL v2 Edition for Sharp and Panasonic is solid software I trust to calibrate my clients displays.
The software pays for itself in time saved onsite and this enables the professional calibrator to schedule an additional same day calibration.
Originally Posted by Tempest261
Posted HERE
You're really going to want to get ControlCal. ~ Almost everyone is using CalMan or ChromaPure, + ControlCal for actually controlling the VT50 and unlocking the ISF modes.
Plus, Turbe (the developer) is a class act, and has been a huge help to all of us calibration newbies.
Originally Posted by adolfotregosa View Post
I have been trying to calibrate my EURO vt30 with calman since I got it and I quit.. It just NEVER seam right at the end and add to that slow controls and the software slowed down readings of the i1d3 oem just was enought for me to quit!

I jumped to chromapure and controlcal and i have to say finally !! Controlcal is SO simple and functional, EVERYTHING is a click away and fast, what a pleasure to use.
Originally Posted by heckheck
Posted HERE
I have to say, this program is a MUST HAVE.
It is worth the price of admission, and should save me some serious time
Originally Posted by Robert Zohn @ Value Electronics
Posted HERE
ControlCAL v2 gives us the additional controls to peak the performance and dial in the gamma as well as saving us time in getting the settings where they need to be. Without ControlCAL we would not be able to get the results we have obtained or be able to get through the volume of VT30s we are calibrating.

Posted HERE
World class software and service. Much thanks for your brilliant programming and support.

Posted HERE
We could not have calibrated as accurately without ControlCal.
Originally Posted by Kevin Miller
Posted HERE
We have been calibrating your VT30 sets for some days now. I have done a total of 12. ControlCal at the moment is the only interface that works to implement ISF ccc.

Posted HERE
I have now calibrated 12 VT30 panels with the ISF ccc implementation from ControlCal. The implementation is excellent from ControlCal.
Originally Posted by Chad Billheimer ISF/THX Calibrator
Posted HERE
ControlCAL had all the right adjustments.
ControlCAL is definitely the best way to go to calibrate these.

Posted HERE
ControlCAL is 100% functional
Originally Posted by Lee Gallagher ISF/THX Calibrator
I was able to achieve excellent results with this program.
Originally Posted by qrishi
Posted HERE
ControlCal is awesome. I would definitely be kicking myself without it.
Originally Posted by Tyler Pruitt THX Certified Video Calibrator
Posted HERE
I just calibrated another VT30 last night running 2.20 using ControlCal V2 .... it worked perfect!
Bionic AV
Originally Posted by Kris Deering Contributor @ Home Theater Magazine
Used the latest version for today's calibration and it worked great. No issues at all. Made the process REALLY easy. Loved it.
Originally Posted by Bill Hergonson @Coast Calibration, Carlsbad, CA
The VT50 came out great. ControlCAL is the only way to fly!

2011 30 SERIES MODELS SUPPORTED (with 30 Series Activation):
North America - TC-P55VT30, TC-P65VT30
Europe - TX-P42VT30E, TX-P50VT30E, TX-P55VT30E, TX-P65VT30E, TX-P42VT30, TX-P50VT30, TX-P55VT30, TX-P65VT30
UK - TX-P42VT30B, TX-P50VT30B, TX-P55VT30B, TX-P65VT30B
North America - Not Supported
Europe - TX-P42GT30E, TX-P46GT30E, TX-P50GT30E
UK - TX-P42GT30B, TX-P46GT30B, TX-P50GT30B
DT30 - All Regions
North America - TC-L32DT30, TC-L37DT30
Europe - TX-L32DT30E, TX-L37DT30E
UK - TX-L32DT30B, TX-L37DT30B
2012 50 SERIES MODELS SUPPORTED (with 50 Series Activation):
North America - TC-P55VT50, TC-P65VT50
Europe - TX-P50VT50E, TX-P55VT50E, TX-P65VT50E - TX-P50VT50, TX-P55VT50, TX-P65VT50 (throughout Europe)
UK - TX-P50VT50B, TX-P55VT50B, TX-P65VT50B
North America - Not Supported
Europe - TX-P42GT50E, TX-P50GT50E - TX-P42GT50, TX-P50GT50 (throughout Europe)
UK - TX-P42GT50B, TX-P50GT50B
North America - TC-L47WT50
Europe - TX-L42WT50E, TX-L47WT50E, TX-L55WT50E - TX-L42WT50, TX-L47WT50, TX-L55WT50 (throughout Europe)
UK - TX-L42WT50B, TX-L47WT50B, TX-L55WT50B
North America - TC-L55DT50
Europe - TX-L42DT50E, TX-L47DT50E, TX-L55DT50E - TX-L42DT50, TX-L47DT50, TX-L55DT50 (throughout Europe)
UK - TX-L42DT50B, TX-L47DT50B, TX-L55DT50B
2013 60 SERIES MODELS SUPPORTED (with 60 Series Activation):
North America - TC-P60ZT60, TC-P65ZT60
Europe - TX-P60ZT60E - TX-P60ZT60 (throughout Europe)
UK - TX-P60ZT65B
North America - TC-P55VT60, TC-P60VT60, TC-P65VT60
Europe - TX-P50VT60E, TX-P55VT60E, TX-P65VT60E - TX-P50VT60, TX-P55VT60, TX-P65VT60 (throughout Europe)
UK - TX-P50VT65B, TX-P55VT65B, TX-P65VT65B
North America - N/A
Europe - TX-P42GT60E, TX-P50GT60E - TX-P42GT60, TX-P50GT60 (throughout Europe)
UK - TX-P42GT60B, TX-P50GT60B
North America - TC-L47WT60, TC-L55WT60
Europe - TX-L47WT60E, TX-L55WT60E - TX-L47WT60, TX-L55WT60 (throughout Europe)
UK - TX-L47WT65B , TX-L55WT65B
North America - TC-L55DT60*, TC-L60DT60* - *NA DT60 may not be supported, check back later
Europe - TX-L42DT60E, TX-L47DT60E, TX-L50DT60E, TX-L55DT60E, TX-L60DT60E - TX-L42DT60, TX-L47DT60, TX-L50DT60, TX-L55DT60, TX-L60DT60 (throughout Europe)
UK - TX-L42DT65B, TX-L47DT65B, TX-L55DT65B, TX-L60DT65B
North America - N/A
Europe - TX-L42FT60E, TX-L47FT60E - TX-L42FT60, TX-L47FT60 (throughout Europe)
UK - TX-L42FT60B , TX-L47FT60B
Other Regions - 60 Series Models not listed may be supported (i.e in Asia, Australia, New Zealand), CONTACT US for more information.

Interface Support:
  • Serial (VT30 Only)
  • Network

ControlCAL can also be used with ColorHCFR, ColorFacts, CalMAN, ChromaPure and other Video Calibration Applications.

DT30 | GT30 | VT30 | GT50 | VT50 ISFccc Software / ISF Software / Calibration Software

Firmware Updates
VT30 / GT30 / VT50 / GT50 (North America Models) HERE. NOTE: Recommended f/w v1.150+ for the NA VT50's and minimum required f/w v2.060+ for the NA VT30's
Firmware Updates for other Regions HERE.

Optional (though recommended for those having their Display calibrated) Panel Brightness Medium v2.1 Firmware for VT30 / GT30 (North America Models) HERE.

Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32 or 64bit) and Windows 10, Microsoft .NET4
You do need .NET 4.0 Framework. If you don't have it, you can download it here:

SEPARATE ACTIVATIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR SERIES 30 MODELS (i.e. VT30) AND SERIES 50 MODELS (i.e. VT50)! Example: You have a VT30 Activation now and want to use ControlCAL G/VT30 Edition v2 on a VT50, you will need an new and additional Activation Key. CONTACT US for more information.

----> CONTACT US first if you are interested in the ControlCAL G/VT30 Edition v2! <----

ControlCAL G/VT30 Edition v2 End User License Agreement (EULA) - CLICK HERE


  • The Registered Activation Key is valid only for personal use by Non-Professionals on your own display.
  • If you are a Professional in the Video, Audio, Broadcast, Film and/or Home Theater Industry or you want to use ControlCAL on Multiple Display Models, you are required to have a Professional Activation Key regardless if you are using ControlCAL on your own display.
  • ControlCAL's Activation Keys are not transferable. ControlCAL is Licensed to a specific User.

Examples of uses that require a Professional license:

  • Professional video calibration service — You charge a client money for calibrating a display.
  • Multiple Displays including those not owned by you — You want to use ControlCAL on multiple Displays including friends and family owned displays.
  • Industry Insider/Professional — You are in the Video, Audio, Broadcast, Film and/or Home Theater Industry.
  • Commercial Enterprise — You are a corporate entity rather than an individual. You use ControlCAL in the course of your business.

[Screencaps from Windows 7 on a 1080p Display set at Smaller (100%)]
Not all Controls are available on all Models and Regions!


10 Point

Compact - Vertical

Compact - Horizontal


DJG's Dark/Black Windows Theme available here:

ISF and ISFccc are trademarks of Imaging Science Foundation.

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