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Default ControlCAL Elite X5 Edition v2 (PRO-60X5FD, PRO-70X5FD, LC-60LE847U, LC-70LE847U)

ControlCAL Elite X5 Edition v2
Designed by Calibrators for Calibrators™
Display Control and Calibration Made Easy!™
No need to fumble through the Display's Menu with its Remote Control™

"The implementation is excellent from ControlCal." - Kevin Miller (ISF Technical Consultant & ISF Co-instructor, TweakTV Co-Founder)
"ControlCAL is the only way to fly!" - Bill Hergonson - Coast Calibration
"I find ControlCal indispensable" - Chad Billheimer - ISF and THX Touring Calibrator

Elite by Sharp / Sharp Elite
Sharp Elite Calibration

PRO-60X5FD and PRO-70X5FD ISFccc Calibration Software / ISF Software
LC-60LE847U, LC-70LE847U, LC-60C8470U, LC-70C8470U, LC-80LE844U, LC-60LE845U and LC-70LE845U ISFccc Calibration Software / ISF Software

Built from the same highly acclaimed ControlCAL v2 Core and Interface in ControlCAL G/VT30 Edition v2
"The implementation is excellent from ControlCal." - Kevin Miller (ISF Technical Consultant & ISF Co-instructor, TweakTV Co-Founder)

Originally Posted by Charles Cooper @ Cinetune View Post
I too have been using ControlCal for quite some time and continue to buy new licenses. This business is expensive and I don't spend frivolously…ControlCal is simply worth it. In addition, Turbe is incredibly accessible and always ready to work hard to help me get the most out of ControlCal and the customer’s display. Both he and the software he tirelessly updates are a real asset to our industry. Thanks Turbe!
Originally Posted by Doug Weil @ (ISF/THX Calibrator)
Posted HERE
ControlCAL is a superb tool for unlocking the full potential of the best HDTVs on the market.
Originally Posted by Barry VanDenBerg @ Orlando Digital TV
I have been calibrating professionally for 10 years and the ControlCAL v2 Edition for Sharp and Panasonic is solid software I trust to calibrate my clients displays.
The software pays for itself in time saved onsite and this enables the professional calibrator to schedule an additional same day calibration.
Originally Posted by Ken Ross
Posted HERE
For a DIY'er, or even if you like to tweak a calibrator's ISF settings, ControlCal is an invaluable tool.You'll also find Turbe's tech support top notch.
Originally Posted by robguima
Calman v5 is out and while controls are better, calibration without controlcal is something I'd not wish to anyone
More ControlCAL Version 2 Edition User Comments HERE

CONTACT US first if you are interested in the ControlCAL Elite X5 Edition v2!

2011 ELITE MODELS SUPPORTED (with Elite X5 Activation):
  • PRO-60X5FD
  • PRO-70X5FD
2012 SHARP MODELS SUPPORTED (with Series 84x Activation):
  • LC-60LE847U, LC-70LE847U
  • LC-60C8470U, LC-70C8470U
  • LC-80LE844U
  • LC-60LE845U, LC-70LE845U
  • LC-90LE745U
  • LC-60LE745U, LC-70LE745U (not confirmed yet)
  • LC-60C7450U, LC-70C7450U (not confirmed yet)
  • LC-60C6400U, LC-70C6400U (not confirmed yet)
  • LC-60LE640U, LC-70LE640U, LC-60LE640UA, LC-70LE640UA (Not Supported)

Interface Support:
  • Serial
  • Network

ControlCAL can also be used with ColorHCFR, ColorFacts, CalMAN, ChromaPure and other Video Calibration Applications.

Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32 or 64bit) and Windows 10, Microsoft .NET4
You do need .NET 4.0 Framework. If you don't have it, you can download it here:

SEPARATE ACTIVATIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR ELITE X5 MODELS (i.e. PRO-70X5FD) AND SERIES 847 MODELS (i.e. LC-70LE847U)! Example: You have a Elite X5 Activation now and want to use ControlCAL Elite X5 Edition v2 on a LC-70LE847U, you will need an new and additional Activation Key. CONTACT US for more information.

ControlCAL Elite X5 Edition v2 End User License Agreement (EULA) - CLICK HERE


  • The Registered Activation Key is valid only for personal use by Non-Professionals on your own display.
  • If you are a Professional in the Video, Audio, Broadcast, Film and/or Home Theater Industry or you want to use ControlCAL on Multiple Display Models, you are required to have a Professional Activation Key regardless if you are using ControlCAL on your own display.
  • ControlCAL's Activation Keys are not transferable. ControlCAL is Licensed to a specific User.

Examples of uses that require a Professional license:

  • Professional video calibration service — You charge a client money for calibrating a display.
  • Multiple Displays including those not owned by you — You want to use ControlCAL on multiple Displays including friends and family owned displays.
  • Industry Insider/Professional — You are in the Video, Audio, Broadcast, Film and/or Home Theater Industry.
  • Commercial Enterprise — You are a corporate entity rather than an individual. You use ControlCAL in the course of your business.

DJG's Dark/Black Windows Theme available here:

ISF and ISFccc (Imaging Science Foundation Certified Calibration Controls) are trademarks of Imaging Science Foundation.

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