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We have partnered with PayPal to allow you to make a Donation and Register easily and safely. All donations will help in ControlCAL's development and we appreciate your consideration and support.


Activation Levels available for those wishing to Donate and Register:

For ControlCAL G/VT30 Edition v2 or ControlCAL Elite X5 Edition v2, Contact Us for more information.

For ControlCAL v1.50 - If you are using ControlCAL for Personal Use on your own Display (for a Non-Professional) and would like a Registered Activation Key, a minimum Donation of $35US is required and includes 1 of our Premium Display Profile Sets for ControlCAL v1.50.

If you are not using ControlCAL for Personal Use, ControlCAL will be used on multiple Displays and/or you are in the Home Theater, Audio, Video, Broadcast and/or Film Industry, you are required to have a Professional Activation Key (one Activation/License per User).

Professional Plus Activation Key - Click Here for more information

Panasonic VT25 ISFccc

ControlCAL now has support with two new ISFccc Display Profiles for Panasonic's VT25 Series Plasmas (including ControlCAL ISFccc support for TC-P50VT25, TC-P54VT25, TC-P58VT25 and TC-P65VT25) ...

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Pioneer 9G ISFccc Support

ControlCAL v1.41 is now available along with two new Display Profile Sets that includes support for the ISFccc Interface in 9th Generation Pioneer Kuro Plasma Displays, ...

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Pioneer 8G ISFccc Support

ControlCAL v1.41 is now in Beta Testing with two new Profiles and includes internal support for the ISFccc Interface in 8th Generation Pioneer Kuro Elite Plasma Displays.

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